The End

Mile 2650

Walking was the easy part.

Posted by Randall on September 12, 2017

I tried to sleep in today, but it felt like Christmas. All night long I thought about finishing the trail. When morning finally came I got up and started hiking. The guys I was with were meeting one of their girlfriends at the border a little later so I hiked on alone.


Hiking today was surreal. It was a perfect day with amazing views. The last 14 miles are some of the best on the whole trail.

I saw a guy I shared a hotel room with way back in Southern California. He had finished the day before and was hiking back to Hart’s Pass. We talked for awhile about how crazy this hike has been. Then I hiked on.


I loved this sign. It’s such an American thing to do to make a sign saying we’re heading to the US border, when we’re in the US. It’s not incorrect to say I started and finished at he US border.

Just before noon, I arrived at the northern terminus of the PCT. It came faster than I thought it would and I had it all to myself. I didn’t cry. I didn’t yell. I was just happy. Four months of hiking was over. I accomplished my goal. It was an amazing feeling.


Not too long later a woman showed up from the Canadian side. She was waiting for Bubba and Lunch to finish. I told her I had been hiking with them and they should be there soon. She took my picture and we talked while I ate lunch. Everyone showed up and we celebrated at the monument. We shared stories and then hiked out.

It’s another 8 miles from the border to Manning Park. It went by fast. What’s 8 miles after you’ve done 2650? At the resort I got some food and checked into my hotel room. I went to the pool and hung out for a few hours.

Finishing something like this is incredible. As I look back at what I had to go through, I can’t believe I did it. Thank you to everyone that helped me along the way. The packages, the places to stay, the rides, and the support of everyone made this possible. Walking was the easy part.